Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.

Grants & Financing


The Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. maintains it's licensing through the Pennsylvania Department of Education - Division of Private licensed schools. Becuase of this, we are approved for grants offered through the Department of Education, which are only available in certain states. We are also approved with the VA* & O.V.R*.

VA - this method of financing is for approved members or former members of the United States Military. We do not determine eligibility or approval, however, we are officially approved as an educational institution by the Department of Veterans affairs.

O.V.R. - Occupational & Vocational Rehabilitation - this agency works with individuals that have or have had any type of mental or physical disability, however slight. We have found the agents at OVR to be extremely helpful, and encouraging of anyone to apply. Funding is provided to OVR on an annual basis, and funds are allocated to approved individuals until their funding runs out. The application process for this program can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, so keep that in mind when making your decisions.

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We currently do not have any financing available. Should we become aware of any, we will post it here as soon as possible.
Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.
2231 Stoystown Rd
Friedens, PA 15541
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