Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.

** Course Descriptions **

Orientation - 2 Hours
Introductions, your future in taxidermy, laws, explanations of how the course is run, regulations, facilities & equipment.

picture of fish Fish Course - 4 Weeks - 166 Hours
Handling, skinning, fleshing, pattern making, body making, skin preservation, casting, mounting, fin preparation, finish modeling, eye setting, air brushing techniques, and displaying of 6 game fish.

picture of duck Bird Mounting - 3 Weeks - 120 Hours
Skinning, fleshing, degreasing, washing, drying, skin preservation, wiring, mounting, posing, feather adjustments, color restoration and displaying of 4 birds.

picture of racoon Fur Course - 6 Weeks - 224 Hours
Field care, measuring, skinning, fleshing, skin preservation, tanning techniques, mannikin selection, form construction, eye setting, ear preparation, form alterations, mounting, finish modeling, color restoration, grooming, base making, photography, displaying of 1 life-size animal, 2 gameheads and 1 open-mouth rug.

Business Course - 8 Hours
Setting up a business, pricing and overhead, targeted marketing, marketing concepts, advertising, displays, receipts, licensing, and regulations.

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Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.
2231 Stoystown Rd
Friedens, PA 15541
(814) 445-6215