Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.

** Admission & Graduation Requirements **

Admission Requirements

- Students must be atleast 17 years old or beyond the required school age in their state.
- Students must be able to understand and speak the English language.
- Students must be able to discern the various colors of the spectrum.
- Students need no prior experience in taxidermy.

Graduation Requirements

Students will be graded on the following specimens:
- 6 game fish, such as bass, trout or pike
- 2 medium-size upland game birds
- 2 medium-size waterfowl
- 1 life-size mammal, such as coyote or bobcat
- 2 gameheads, such as deer
- 1 coyote rug

To receive a diploma upon graduation, all mounts must be of a "C" average or higher. Students must take the full course or all 3 partials to receive a diploma. Students taking only a partial course with a "C" average or higher will receive a "Certificate of Completion" for the partial course completed.

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Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.
2231 Stoystown Rd
Friedens, PA 15541
(814) 445-6215